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Hello everybody,

For a year I have been a member of a soccer team called RUMORI CALCIO, composed of players from Italy, Poland, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Estonia, Russia, England, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Ukraine, USA and Macedonia.

In the past we had players also from South America, Africa and other European countries.

The last year we participated in Rahvaliiga, a league organized by Estonian Football Association, but which is not part of the main league system. The participation to this competition gave us the possibility to take part in the Estonian Cup.

This year we decided to take part in the IV League of the Estonian league, this means that we need to cover more costs, especially the costs of the rent of the pitch (showers and dressing rooms) for 9-10 home matches and for this reason we decided to start a crowdfunding project, that has been mentioned also on the official web site of the Estonian soccer league (

To achieve all that, I would like to ask you to share our idea on your main web channels (Twitter, Facebook, web site etc.) and if it is possible also your donation would be much appreciated! 🙂

Thank you for your time and having read this article. 🙂

Original project link in Estonian :

If you don’t know any Estonian, you can find some info in Italian,, and English

If you want to stay in touch with us, you can find us on :


Twitter: @RumoriCalcio



Thank you so so much! Grazie!
Angelo Facecchia and RumoriCalcio

#RumoriCalcio, #ForzaRumoriCalcio




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